• Cultivation of Agriculture and Forestry Products

    Based on the country Laos, which is excellent in ecological environment and developed according to the extremely low point of the earth, and the original ecological planting way of preventing chemical pesticides and fertilizers (the main fertilizer of which is biological fertilizer) and so on, a large-scale ecological agricultural planting base of the company has formed for producing Laos’s original ecological rice, black glutinous rice and other high-quality agricultural products in the cooperative mode of company + base + farmers.

  • Processing of Agriculture and Forestry Products

    The company is featured with advanced processing equipment, fine processing technology, perfect warehouse logistics and preservation facilities, and safe, nutritious, healthy and rich variety of products.

  • Agriculture and Forestry Products Trade

    Based on the domestic market, the company expands the international market at the same time, and establishes stable import and export trade relations with many countries.